Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Use of the service and/or subscription implies that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with the following terms and conditions. If you object to be bound by the terms, please don’t subscribe to or use the services.
All through reference to “you”, denotes the user accessing the site and “we”, “us” and “our” shall mean Salam & Sons . The word “service providers” shall denote the third party service providers.
Salam & Sons is an e-commerce portal offering various sports products. Usage of the site states that you have accepted to comply with the terms and conditions stated hereof. We hold the rightfulness to deny a user the right to register or restrict the site usage.
Upon completing the registration process with us, you’ll be provided with a user name and password. It is required that you should inform Salam & Sons regarding unauthorized usage of your account. Also it is a must that you log out of your account, before you navigate off from Salam & Sons. The responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of the account details lies within your boundary. We can’t be held responsible and we are not liable for any account infringements.
We provide internet-based services for sports products. Placing an order with us means that we ship the product to you and we’ve unconstrained rights towards the payment.
You hereby agree that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy of Salam & Sons. Furthermore you consent that the conditions included in that is acceptable.
The user doesn’t have the rightfulness to copy, modify, transmit, reproduce, display/publish or sell any information or software obtained from Salam & Sons. To reproduce or copy the content of the site in a limited way, the user will have to acquire prior written consent from Salam & Sons. Within the site content the user is restricted to copy or edit it in any means.
You may be allowed to post or upload messages that are valid and proper. It is agreed that you won’t:
Publish or upload any indecent, unlawful, inappropriate or infringing material or information.
Upload any files containing software, corrupted file, includes virus programs or any similar program/software that may damage the proper functioning of the site or the computers connected to the site.
Delete or modify any content, software or any other material contained herein.
Cause any infringements to the legal rights of others.
Download any file uploaded by another user without any prior consent from the user or Salam & Sons.
Forward or conduct any contests, schemes, surveys or chain letters.
Violate any of the listed or applicable laws or regulations, any guidelines or code of conduct applicable to a service and any points included in this terms and conditions or elsewhere in the site.
You certify, guarantee and warrant that you are the owner of the content submitted/posted by you and that the content or material posted by you doesn’t contain any unlawful or infringing contents within. Also you warranty that to the best of your knowledge no proceeding or action has been carried out relating to the site or its properties by you, as concerns the services provided by Salam & Sons.
We disclaim any guaranty or warranty towards the accuracy and exactness of the products ordered by the user. It may happen that the product, services, information or any other material from the site may not meet up your expectations or prospect. If there is a limitation to the availability of a product you ordered, alteration to certain aspects relating to size, color or brand maybe required. In such cases you agree for a call or email from Salam & Sons representative informing you about the alteration. If you object the change in any aspect of the ordered product, you may choose to reject the alteration, within 7 days from receiving the call or email. Upon your rejection, Salam & Sons will cancel the order you placed and your amount will be refunded through your initial mode of payment.
Salam & Sons owns all the property rights to the title, trademarks, trade names, inventions (patentable or not), source code, database, content, icons, graphics, hyperlinks, patents to or into the site, unless otherwise any contrary indications contained or included, denoting that it is a property of a third party. Hence you recognize and admit that you won’t distribute, reproduce or use any content from the site without acquiring prior written consent from Salam & Sons.
You hereby state that you’re the owner of the content or material you post/submit to the site and also you agree that you shall solely hold the responsibility for the same.
Salam & Sons may contain links to other external websites. We don’t have any sort of control over those third party sites and Salam & Sons can’t be held responsible for the contents or functioning of those websites. We are not liable or responsible for any form of communication or transmission with those websites. Salam & Sons provides these links for mere advertisement purposes and for your convenience alone. Thus the users are requested to check for the validation and accuracy of the linked website before proceeding with the communication or transmission with those sites.
The prices/costs of the products are mentioned in the site. The prices of the products may change at times at the consent of Salam & Sons.
In spite of the effort rendered towards the accuracy and correctness of the pricing, it may sometimes happen that the pricings go wrong unintentionally. Before dispatch, we verify the prices and if it is found that an item’s price is stated higher than the actual price, the lower price will be charged for you. Rather if the stated price is lower than the actual price, the order will be cancelled and you will be notified of the cancellation and its reason.
Salam & Sons may suspend or terminate your use of the site or any service at instance, if it believes that you’ve breached any terms of the site. Upon termination of access to the site by you or Salam & Sons, any content or information relating to you, may be deleted from the site’s database. You shall be entitled to make payment to the product or service previously ordered by you.
These terms and conditions shall be properly governed and constructed in compliance with Government laws, and any disputes arising thereof will be dealt with with the Jurisdiction courts at Singapore.
Discounts will be concerned to the product value, including GST and the applicable taxes. The voucher or coupon will be issued after applying the promotional discounts. Only one gift coupon may be used per order, unless specified. Salam & Sons may offer gift coupons or promotional discount coupons occasionally, and this may be used for the purchases from the same account to which the coupon was issued.
Different contests, offers or promotional schemes may be introduced at times and the terms and conditions pertaining to such will be made available separately on the site, at the time of the contest, offer or scheme introduction. Those terms and conditions may be changed by Salam & Sons, if required. At its discretion, Salam & Sons may withdraw the proposal for a contest, offer or scheme from the site.
We make sure that all the content, information or material produced herewith the site is correct and accurate, although doesn’t extend any warranty or guaranty towards the accuracy, correctness or quality of any data, content, information, service or product. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the usage of those. Also Salam & Sons can’t be held responsible for any inability or delay in the site or site related service usages. Moreover there may be an episodic non-availability of the website due to occasional maintenance operation or any spontaneous suspension of the site owing to technical problems away from our control. The content or material downloaded from the site is at your own risk and any damages owing to the download, doesn’t have any bonding to Salam & Sons.